Ways to Support

Ways to Support

Donation Barrels

Donation_BarrelOur Donation Barrels are ready to be filled at the following locations Affton Veterinary Clinic, Gallery Motor Company, Kennelwood/Mason Lane, Pacific Animal Hospital, Dirk's Fund Shelter - Pacific, MO








Wish List
Kongs-Large, Nylabones, Milk Bone Bisquits (Medium or Small), Soda, Water & Snacks for our Volunteers, Purina Pro Plan Dog Food & Puppy Food, Purina One (Chicken & Rice) Dog Food & Puppy Food, Odoban, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Bleach, Petco & PetsMart Gift Cards *** PLEASE NOTE WE WILL ONLY FEED MILKBONE BRAND AND PURINA BRAND PRODUCTS TO OUR DOGS DUE TO THE PROBLEMS WITH MANY PRODUCTS BEING MANUFACTURED IN CHINA. Our critters and volunteers thank you SO much for your continured generosity!
Donate a Bed


Our dogs love to sleep on Kuranda dog beds, but we don't have enough for everyone. If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for another dog to sleep in comfort, please donate a Kuranda dog bed.
Donate a Use Vehicle
CarsForCrittersLooking for a Used Vehicle and a Way to Help the Critters of Dirk's Fund at the same time? Do you have a vehicle that you no longer want or need? Would you like to dispose of that vehicle, gain a tax deduction, and benefit Dirk's Fund at the same time? Donate it! It's easy, and your unwanted car can help us save animals' lives.
Shop GoodSearch
We all have a cause we care about . . . However, what can sometimes be challenging is we don't have the time or money to support these efforts as much as we'd like. So, what if you could raise money for Dirk's Fund by doing something you do every day . . . searching the Internet? eimage_w336_h57_a93852e10d4481b1c2260fbd66befa1eFree coupon codes at top stores.GoodSearch is a search engine that donates 50 percent of its sponsored search revenue to the charities and schools designated by its users. You use GoodSearch exactly as you would any other search engine. Because it's powered by Yahoo!, you get proven search results. The money GoodSearch donates to Dirk's Fund comes from its advertisers - the users and the organizations do not spend a dime image_w260_h93_4dad730faad1824c0d183c786687d1f0Free coupon codes at top stores.In 2007, GoodSearch was expanded to include GoodShop, an online shopping mall of world-class merchants dedicated to helping fund worthy causes across the country. Each purchase you make via the GoodShop mall results in a donation to Dirk's Fund - averaging approximately 3% of the sale, but going up to 20% or even more.
image_w188_h124_9243ba5f7cd40b27ba3b712d4ee63afdNow there’s a cool way to raise money for Dirk‘s Fund, every time you shop online or search the web, and we think you should check it out: http://www.iGive.com & http://www.iSearchiGive.com Here’s how to do it: 1. Join iGive.com to support Dirk's Fund Golden Retriever Rescue. It's free, safe, and easy to join. http://www.iGive.com/welcome/ (Don't feel like registering? Take iSearchiGive.com out for a spin and raise a penny (or more!) per search. Just visit http://www.iSearchiGive.com and type "Dirk's Fund Golden Retriever Rescue" in the "Select Your Cause" area.) 2. Shop through iGive.com's online mall ~ OR ~ Raise a penny search at iSearchiGive.com The iGive Mall features over 700 trusted online retailers like Lands' End, Staples, NORDSTROM, JCPenney, eBay, Expedia.com, Barnes & Noble, QVC, & PETsMART to name just a few! You'll NEVER pay more when you reach these stores through iGive.com. And if you take advantage of the coupons and free shipping deals posted at iGive, you might even save a few bucks! And with iSearchiGive.com, each qualified search earns a penny (or more!) for your cause. 3. Watch the $$ roll in for Dirk's Fund Golden Retriever Rescue! Up to 26% of EACH purchase through iGive benefits your cause, along with a penny (or more!) per qualified search at iSearchiGive.com. Make that first purchase within 45 days and get a bonus $5 donation, too!
Join Our Golden Angel Sponsership Program
goldenangels_smFFCC66"Golden Angels" was created as a way to donate to Dirk's Fund's rescue mission. 100% of your specified donation goes directly to the care of our rescue dogs. Your donation to Dirk's Fund Golden Retriever Rescue is fully tax-deductible as we are a 501(c)(3). Please help our animals today! Our future depends on generous supporters like you! Woof! Donate Now and Become a "Golden Angel" !!! Donate $10 will feed one dog for a month. Donate $25 will provide a rabies shot/office visit for one animal. Donate $50 will provide vaccinations for one animal. Donate $100 will neuter one male critter. Donate $150 will spay one female critter. Donate $300 will cover annual shots, a heartworm test, office visit and spay or neuter for one animal. Donate $500 will help cover the cost of major surgery for one of our animals (broken bones, hip, heartworms)
Memorial and Tribute
What better way to honor a special person or pet than a memorial or tribute to Dirk's Fund. Your donation is a thoughtful gift and way to let someone know how special they are to you. This is a perfect way to honor a living individual or pet on a special occasion. This is also a compassionate way to memorialize a person or pet. These gifts allow you to celebrate a life and honor a loved one with a gift that will save a rescue dog's life. Please complete the downloadable form. Click here to download and print. Fax or mail to: Dirk's Fund Golden Retriever Rescue 11321 Cragwold Road St. Louis, MO 63122 Fax: 314-966-0430 An acknowledgement letter will be sent to the recipient and a tax donation letter will be sent to the donor.
Schnucks escript
schnucks_ecc_commcardHere is how the eScrip card works. Every time you use your eScrip card, Schnucks will contribute up to 3% of the purchase amount to Dirk's Fund. You can activate an eScrip card and get started supporting Dirk's Fund one of two different ways.

Option 1

1. Click here (critters@dirksfund.com) to request an eScrip card from our Fundraising Coordinator. 2. Once you receive your card, go to www.escrip.com to activate your card.

Option 2

1. Go to your local Schnucks Market and pick up an eScrip card at the Customer Service Counter. 2. Log on to www.escrip.com and activate your card. If you already have an eScrip card and would like to add Dirk's Fund to your account, simply go to www.escrip.com. You can support up to three different organizations with your eScrip Card. 1. Sign on to your account 2. Click on Change My Group Selection 3. Add: a. Dirks Fund b. Zip Code - 63122 c. Group ID 500016411 Finally, check out all the other ways you can support Dirk's Fund on the eScrip website; eScrip Dining, Volvo eScrip Program, eScrip On-Line Mall and many more. Thank you from all of your friends at Dirk's Fund!

Ebay Giving Works

There are 3 ways to receive donations from eBay sales: 1. Sellers donate all or part of their sale to our organization (Our supporters can sell to benefit us, you sell items and donate proceeds directly to us.) 2. Sell goods on eBay as a Nonprofit Direct Seller (We can sell for you - anyone can donate to our cause and we sell the items directly under Dirk's Fund Name.) 3. Accept donations on eBay from any PayPal user through Donate Now. (Anyone can donate to our cause); Click on picture or click here to go to our Dirk's Fund Support Page. Thank you for supporting our cause!
Donate a Thunder Shirt
240x140-bNEW!! This program lets you provide a Thundershirt for one of our dogs that are suffering with fear or anxiety issues. Thundershirt is an excellent treatment. One thing is for certain, for a very large percentage of dogs, it's gentle, constant pressure has a terrific calming effect. This has obvious benefits for most types of anxiety. But it is also a very useful tool for managing excitability or hyperactivity with strangers, on the leash or in a training environment. Thundershirt's calming effect helps a dog to focus (or refocus) her energies in a more constructive direction, allowing training to be more effective. Click on the link and you will be taken to our Dirk's Fund Page. From there you can purchase a Thundershirt at a discounted price and with free shipping, it will be sent directly to one of our critters in need! Thank you for your help and support.
Roosters Fund


Dirks Fund was contacted by the police after a drug bust about a Golden that had been left in a crack house. He was only 45 lbs and they needed someone to take him or he was to be put to sleep.

When we got him, he was emaciated, full of worms and could hardly stand. He tested positive for heartworms and after x-rays was graded the highest level that we have ever seen.

After treating him, we could not let him go and he became the constant companion of my wife. He was a gentle and loving creature that deserved much better than he was given. We made sure that he got it. A portrait of him hangs in our house as a reminder of why we rescue.

We created the Rooster Fund to raise money for the critters in special need of medical care and deserve a better life. Almost all of them are heartworm positive. Treating just one heartworm positive dog will cost us over $1,000. The medicine is very expensive.


Rooster Before

Rooster Before

Rooster After

Rooster After



Mail a check to Dirks Fund at

11321 Cragwold Road St. Louis, Mo. 63122


Amazon Wish List
wishlisthumbClick here or on the picture and be directed to our Personalized Amazon Wish List Page. Thank you for your support and help in taking care of our critters and our Volunteers!
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