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May 25, 2017
Rooster’s Story
May 25, 2017


Hi!  My name is Teddi.  I’m a ten month old, healthy British Golden Retriever who is full of life but also very well behaved.   I have house manners and was given to Dirks Fund because of multiple surgeries to remove ingested foreign objects were becoming too costly for my family.  They simply did not understand a puppy’s desire to chew inappropriate objects and I got into trouble.  But after having been with my foster mom for a month, I’m proficient at seven commands (sit, shake, let’s go, jump, off, drop, release) and learning three others (wait, down, hurry).

I’ve had no accidents, I go right to my sling bed when I come in from the outside, I wait to have my paws wiped at the back door, I have learned to ignore toys and treats, I’m quiet for hours at a time, and I let my person know when it’s time for me to do my business by getting fidgety or whiney.  I’m a good sleeper at night and am learning to tolerate my kennel.   My leash manners are impeccable: I don’t pull, I know how to walk on either side, and I’m learning to sit/stop when my person stops.  Off leash, my recall is impressive for my age!  I drop what I’m doing and come instantly when called or if I hear the shake of a treat bag.  My mom knows I’m still a pup and I’m at such a good weight, so she uses kibbles for training.  Eventually, I’ll come when called without a treat.  I have no hot-spots and no obsessive-compulsive behaviors.  I elicit reward and attention from my humans in an acceptable manner and I react appropriately to correction and praise.

I know that an open door is not for me, unless I’m specifically asked to go through it.  Vacuums and thunderstorms?  They don’t bother me; in fact, my mom has an iRobot and I like to play with it, and I ignore thunder.  I’m very social and have proper pack interaction skills, even considering I’m still a puppy.   I’m not the alpha dog nor am I the omega dog; I’m right in the middle in a health-stable pack, just where I should be.  I’m not toy-possessive, but enjoy the back-and-forth toy swapping, so I’ll be a good playmate for nearly any age dog.  I am a pretty quiet guy.   When I do bark, my mom thinks it’s appropriate for the situation.  My car riding behavior is flawless—-I consider it my home away from home, and I relax nicely both during the ride and if my person goes into a store.

Due to my prior surgeries, it’s probably best that my family consists of all adults; children tend to leave attractive things on the floor, and expecting them to pick up after themselves, or expecting an adult to remain diligent about ingestible items on the floor isn’t reasonable.  After all, I *am* still a puppy and I can find mischief if there’s an opportunity.  I don’t think I could survive another surgery, so it’s best to make sure there is no chance of me getting into trouble.  Maybe someone can find me who is a runner.  I’d love to join you on your 5Ks!

My foster mom spends a lot of time in the garden.  I’m content to lay outside and watch her.  Sometimes I remind her I’m there—outside & waiting—by stealing a leaf from one of her prized plants then take off in the other direction.  Then she corrects me.  But I know she’s kidding because she does it while she’s smiling.  My mom can see only three negatives about me: I inhale my food, I eat droppings and I like to tear up grass.  I’ll need a food bowl designed for fast-eating dogs and not be given all of my food at one time.  Multiple small feedings would be better.

Overall, mom thinks I’m just about the ultimate dog for Golden lovers.  I’m the total package: young, moderate energy, interested in learning, I’m the best of the best.




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