I wanted to thank you for leaving Wrigley (Jack) in our hands 9 years ago. He passed away yesterday, suddenly, but peacefully. I know that many other families wanted Wrigley and I wanted to thank you for choosing us for him.

10 years ago, Wrigley joined us on our journey as we acclimated to life in St. Louis. Wrigley was an amazing spirit. We rescued him, but, as is always the case, he actually rescued me. He was the first friend I had in St. Louis, and was my true companion while my husband worked many long hours. When I was running and when I was in labor, he was beside me, always. When Jack and Elle joined our family, he selflessly transitioned to his new role as their trusted companion, foregoing his own needs for theirs. He loved the children and watched over them, even though they took most of my attention away from him. And, at the end, he just quietly fell asleep, never wanting to bother anyone. I have no doubt that he knew his job with us was done, he gave all the love he had to our family, and left us all much better for having had him in our lives.

Thank you. Thank you.