Wintson (Peyton)We wanted to let you know that we had to let our Winston go yesterday (07/16).

We adopted him (he was Peyton) nearly 2 years ago as the first pet we’d ever had in 27 years of our marriage. Our children had left home and we had a gap to fill. Boy, did Winston do that.

We had a dodgy start, he was certainly an alpha male and had a bit of an aggressive side but we turned him into a mellow fellow, he became socialized with other dogs and loved retrieving toys, plus he was superb with strangers.

He had 3 mile walks nearly every day in the forest and had several walks each day around the block with his stay at home Dad. He was known by all the neighbors because he carried a teddy on every walk and they would stop their cars to pet him, he loved the attention!!

Winston exceeded our expectations. We picked an older dog because we didn’t want to over commit for something we had not tried out before , but he showed us how to be great ‘parents’ and that we should have Golden’s in our life forever.

Of course the hard part is letting him go, we made sure he didn’t suffer from the cancer he had and we were with him to see him off.

We are lost without Winston, and will mourn his passing, but know that he has identified something within us that will hopefully be filled by a new Golden in the coming months.