Willie with Dora

Just wanted to let you know we lost our big dog Willie Saturday night.

Let Dora and Willie out in the backyard and went in to get their food ready. 5 minutes later I called them at the gate and only Dora came. Got a flashlight and found him lying in the grass, Looks like they were both running to bark at neighbors and his heart just gave out. He was such a great, friendly, gentle dog and I will always be thankful to you for trusting us with such a treasure. He’s with his dad, Bill, now watching out for each other. Dora, the kitties and I are all very sad, but I think he had a great life with us. We all loved him very much. Again thank you so much.

Willie is with Dora, his best friend in the world. He is resting his head on her.

Thank you again for everything. The gifts you have given us are beyond words.

His Loving family