Ty 04/03/05 – 01/12/08
Ty was born with a very severe heart murmur. He was given to Dirks Fund when he was 5 months old and was adopted by a family that saw a chance to give this sweet critter a chance at life. For over 2 years, this guy took many strolls around “his” block. He knew everyone and every critter.

He died on Saturday of a heart attack. All of us at Dirks Fund join Ty in thanking his family for giving him all he ever wanted – a chance to put a smile on a family’s face.

Ty will always be remembered for his happy smiling face. He loved to play outside with tennis balls, or anything else you could throw, for hours at a time. He would never leave your side when outdoors. He would greet anyone who came to the door with a big smile and tail wagging. He will be greatly missed.

Our veterinarian did an autopsy on Ty and was amazed that he lasted as long as he did. He was having too good a time to leave. Please say hello to Maggie & Nick.