StellaUPDATE 8/8/12 – Olivia’s moma was contacted and she stated that Olivia was fine until she used Zodiac Flea Spray a couple of times on her. She looked further into it and learned that dogs have died from kidney failure after its use. We use Frontline at Dirks Fund and have not had a problem.

It’s with a heavy heart that I write to let you know of our sweet golden’s passing.

In February 2011 we adopted a beautiful little girl named Olivia from your rescue. Her name was very close to one of our children’s, so we renamed her Stella. She was the dog I’d dreamed of since I was just a little girl. She was calm, happy, very tolerant of our small children. She was obedient and smart, and the only crime she was guilty of was occasionally stealing a piece of food that was left unattended.

Stella was young and energetic when she needed to be, but she was being treated for heartworm when we adopted her, and she was never perfectly healthy. Even after the heartworm was gone, she suffered from allergies, hot spots, and ear infections. But she seemed otherwise robust.

We were shocked when her health suddenly took a dive this past weekend. One day she was her normal happy self, the next she was crawling under the porch with no intention of ever coming out. We got her out, tried to hydrate her and get her to eat, but she had no energy and no will to live. We took her to the vet, but her blood test showed that she was in kidney failure. She also had a heart murmur and edema. We considered rushing her to the emergency clinic to start aggressive treatment, but due to the high cost and the poor chance of survival, we went with our vet’s recommendation to euthanize her. So on Monday night, we all said a tearful goodbye to our beloved girl. I stayed with her as she went to sleep, and I felt my heart break as hers slowed to a stop.

It’s hard to imagine any dog ever comparing to our Stella, but we know there are so many others like her that are in need of a good home. We hope to soon hear the sound of a tail thumping against our hardwood floors and the click-clack of paws running toward us as we come in the house after being out. The only good that can come from losing one pet is the opportunity to save another.

Thank you for all that you do, for nursing Stella through her heartworm, and for giving us the chance to show her how loved she was for a year and a half. We love you, Stella. You’ll be missed.