RudyWe got a call that an older Golden was running in South St. Louis and that they had turned him into a “kill” shelter on Hanley. We knew that the shelter would put him to sleep because of his age.

We had Rudy picked up and turned over to us. He was all of 40 lbs. We did not figure that he would last 3 months. He had cockleburs over his entire under side. We shaved him and gave him a bath.

He was never adopted and no one even asked about him. He was very old (14+) and thin (40 lbs.). He ate everything but would not put on a pound. He was our constant shadow. Everywhere we were, he was one step away. Recently, he could not go up stairs, so I would sleep on the couch downstairs because I could not look into that face and walk away.

Towards the end, he lost most of his teeth, did not hear very well, walked stiff legged and did not always make it outside to potty. However, he was always right next to you.

At the end, he could not stand up without help and he told me to let him go. Reluctantly, I gave in to the only request this critter asked of me in the 4 years that we had him. We can only hope that he has someone to stand next to until I get there with him.