We lost a wonderful friend and companion… 

NickOur Nick passed away last night in his sleep laying next to his daddy. He came up to me a couple of times during the night for me to touch him. I guess that he was saying ‘goodbye’.

About 10 years ago, a policeman saw him thrown from a car. Instead of pursuing the car, he picked up Nick and called us. It was late Christmas eve and we almost did not answer the phone. He was always at the back of the line for treats because he knew that we would never forget him. He would walk up to anyone very slowly and gently lower his head within range of their hand. He would wait and see if you would touch him and, if not, he would walk away. He was never pushy. Nick has now joined Maggie at the Rainbow Bridge and hopefully, they are waiting for their daddy. These two critters alone are reason enough to rescue critters. Thank you for being such a special friend Nick, we will never forget you!

You will forever be in our hearts Nick. Thank you for being such a faithful friend.