MurphyI have bad news to report….Murphy died peaceful in his sleep last night.

He had developed some other issues related to his cancer over the last few weeks. We knew that his time was getting close but did not realize it would be this soon. I had been with him most of the day yesterday and we had a great day together. I could tell that he was slower than normal but because I contributed this to his chemotherapy. I was up with him at midnight to take him out and he seemed fair at that time. I awoke at 6 to find him gone to heaven. He did not show any signs of struggle, stress, or pain during that time. I believe that it was his time to be at the rainbow bridge and to live life with no cancer, no needles, no IV’s, etc. He is enjoying life with all the other Golden’s up in heaven.

I will remember Murphy forever. He will always be in my heart. He was with me all the time and was know as my “shadow”.

He did not miss a step that I took. We had the best 2 years together.

The house will not be the same without him.

It will take along time for this heart to heal.

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