MaxHere is Max’s story . . . . .

I received a call from Bob in September of 2010 about a dog that had been turned in to the Humane Society in Springfield. He had been with his family (in Springfield) for about 6 years. Their story was that Max barked too much and they had to get rid of him . . . the real story was that Max was left in the backyard all day while his family went to work and dug his way out to find friends to play with. When his family found out, they staked Max in the yard all day and he barked . . . hoping his friends would hear him and come to his yard and play. Needless to say, Max’s family didn’t like this behavior and decided he needed to go . . .

I picked Max up at the Dirk’s Fund shelter in Pacific, MO. He was really confused and shy. We hung out for a while and I loaded him up to come home with me to hang with our family. Max found his “groove” almost immediately. He and his (canine) brother Willie would complain at each other every once in a while but all in all they loved each other. His two (canine) sisters Sophie and Ginger thought he was a really cool brother. Max was a “lover” and loved, loved, loved to be petted (continuously). He was also the world’s greatest snuggler. Max loved his new family and always let them know it. He was the most loyal, loving dog a family could have rescued (or failed at fostering).

On Friday, May 18, less than two weeks after Max’s sister, Ginger, passed away, Max died very suddenly, surrounded by his mom, dad and big (human) sister Meredith and his (canine) brother, Willie and sister, Sophie. In my 30 years as a dog owner, I have never experienced anything this awful!

Our family firmly believes that dogs are incredible teachers. I can assure we learned a tremendous amount from Max. Max taught us about unconditional love and that life can be and is short.  Enjoy each day and all it has to offer and never, ever put things off.

We will never understand why he had to leave us so quickly and the hurt in our hearts is indescribable. We love you buddy!