Lucy aka SandyThis lovely lady is Lucy.
She came to us as Sandy and had been a breeder for most of her life.
Her first real home only lasted 4 months and they were turning her in to Animal Control.
We went and got her and when we received Lucy, she “spun” constantly because this was all of the space that was ever available for her to exercise.
Eventually, one of our volunteers would take her home and once in a home she became a perfect lady.  She never spun again and was even starting to play with toys.
A wonderful lady named Lisa adopted her and knew this loving soul was the perfect fit and companion for her other dog.  Finally, for the first time in her life, Lucy had a permanent – home filled with happiness, care, comfort and love.
Sadly in less than 6 weeks, her Lucy became very sick and was unable to stay with us.
Even though she was loved, we want Lucy to know that she left a hole in our hearts and that we will treasure the memories and the short time we were blessed to have been in her life.
We believe that God allowed her to know what true love and a caring home was like before bringing her to his forever home across The Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you Lisa for taking a chance on Lucy and giving us some great memories !!