This is Lizzie, she is now at peace.  Yes, Lizzie was a breeder dog. Very abused.

She was always so totally withdrawn that when anyone came to adoption days and looked at her she would just ignore them. She would go over to that dog bed that used to be under the TV and go to sleep and not react to anyone even if they talked to her or petted her.

Our girl was going to be adopted, but the night the family took her (the wine tasting at the car dealership) Lizzie got away from them and was lost in Town and Country. We searched that night and didn’t find her. But you came out the next morning with two of your dogs to try to find her. Luckily some kids found her and when she tried to run away, her leash tangled in some brush.

We decided we would just keep her after that. She was our second failed foster. 🙂 About 6 months ago the vet diagnosed her with breast cancer. She was already almost blind and deaf and we decided the surgery would be too much for her. She was nine years old on January 6th. She was a very sweet dog, very stoic, and she just lived in her own little world. A good girl.