KringleKringle back in December 2012 was homeless.  His family just up and left him.  The neighbor found him living in their garage.  Every so often he would walk next door to see if his family came back – they never did and eventually Kringle stopped going next door.

We were asked to take Kringle into our rescue.  A foster family wanted him in their home.   He was overweight and walked funny.  We took him to Mizzou as his lameness increased and they found an inoperable tumor on his spine.  He is currently blind but can still hear a tennis ball bounce anywhere in his home. Nothing stops this happy boy from his toys, he rolls over with them and throws them in the air.  He then listens carefully to plan his next attack on his toys.

Kringle makes them laugh with his antics with his toy box full of balls.

Dirks Fund
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