Katie Sept 2004Back in September 2004, Dirk’s Fund picked up Katie. Katie was only 56 lbs. One month later, Fred and Phyllis came to one our adoptions looking for a friend. They met Katie and she was on her way home. Katie became the third member of their family and their constant companion. In September 2008, Phyllis went in to the hospital and Katie stayed with a neighbor waiting for her mom and dad to come and get her. Fred went to get Katie on his way home from the hospital. She ran over to him like she always did, laid down next to him and stop breathing. She was only 5 years old. She was waiting for her daddy before she left for the Rainbow Bridge. Katie loved her mom and dad dearly. She is now playing with Maggie & Nick waiting for her mom and dad for as long as it takes. Somebody must have really wanted Katie bad to take her before she was 6. We are just pleased that she got to say goodbye to her daddy.