Justin Justin2

JUSTIN – KING OF THE HILL – with a heavy heart and much sadness -Justin died on 04/05/12 in his daddy’s arms from complications due to failure of both of his kidneys.  Justin learned about fresh food and fresh water.  He LOVED car rides.  He loved to rest on “pillows” and sleep in his daddy’s bed when his daddy got up in the morning. His daddy has lost a very special friend.  He is now playing with Zues who also died of kidney failure.

We guess that he was born 06/13/08.   The breeder gave him up when he was no longer interested in breeding.  His breeder offered him no veterinary care at all.  He is 58 lbs and should be 85.
We had to pull all but 4 of his teeth because they were so rotten.  His filthy teeth and their resulting bacteria probably contributed to his kidney problems.  In an attempt to jump start his kidneys, we have treated him with stem cells.  He is on special food.  Nothing has changed and so a lovable teddy bear is not going to be with us much longer.
His foster has had him for over a month and has had to get up every 3-4 hours to let him out.  He can not hold his urine any longer than that.  Justin loves the dog beds in his new home and playing “king of the mountin” in his new yard.  We lost this time but not without giving this sweet guy every chance.
We gave him  a home life and a couch to sleep on.  He moves from dog bed to dog bed depending on where I am in the house so that he can see me and still get his “dog bed fix”.  He has to eat to live and as his kidneys fail llittle by little so does his appetite.  We can not give him real tasty food because what is left of his kidneys can not process it.
As long as he is smiling and enjoying  his home life, we will provide him with whatever he needs.  He has free run of his new home and has not bothered anything.  He even tries to play with the other dogs.  He is a leaner.  This is very sad.  We will leave him on the website to be able to update everyone that has tracked his progress.