Hello. I know there have been so many Goldens handled through the years but I think you will remember Jessy, page 5 of the “prior” pics.  He was returned several times to you because he was deemed to be “dumb” & untrainable.  We took him home & discovered he wasn’t dumb at all, but, rather suffered from temporary deafness due to very poor ear hygiene completely blocking any sound from reaching his ear drums.  Anyway,  we never really knew his age, but as a senior he enjoyed life in Golden style, always with a wagging tail.  Jessy recently passed away and rests in peace on our 20 acre ranch where  there is no city noise..only the tranquility of nature & an occasional moo of a cow =).  I know how much these guys are your passion so I also knew you would want to know! A sincere thank you for allowing Jessy to be part of our family years ago,
Kathy S.

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