JakeJake was only 4 months old and running the streets in St. Louis. One day, he decided to “turn himself in” and went to the police department. They took him to animal control. Two hours before his time was up, a lady at animal control saw something special in him and called us. We went only to look at him. One look is all that it took.

He rode all the way home in the front seat – looking out the window with a very large smile on his face and his tail up and wagging. In his foster home, he played fetch, learned how to use a dog door and ran around with his new Golden buddies.

He died of a viral infection less than 48 hours after we got him. He died in our arms knowing someone cared. If you were one of the lucky ones that had a chance to meet this guy, he would have tugged at your heart. All he wanted was someone to care. We did and we think that he knew it.