Harry was found walking in circles on a farm.  He was dumped.  Harry was walking in a circle because he did not know where he was.  You see-Harry was blind.  We removed mast cell tumors from him and made him comfortable.  We tried to repair his eyes but we were told that his eyes were not repairable.He loved his toys (rawhide & dinosaur) and his couch.  He walked very well on a leash.  He always had a smile on his face and we never heard a mean word out of him.  A family that needed a walking partner for their dog came and fell in love with Harry.  Him & Chewy were great walking partners.

Harry died yesterday after having 10 great months with his new family.  After 9+ years, he finally knew what it was like to have a “real” family.

Harry’s family sent us this note and a picture of Harry that we wanted to share with you….

“We have a pet christmas tree with pictures of all our animals.  It’s a great way to remember them..  Now that Harry is gone, Chewy has now claimed the blue blanket and the pink dinosaur.  He uses it as a pillow. 

After our hearts heal some, we’ll be down looking for the next special guy.”