6.98 – 7.06

Gus Gus came into our rescue with his sister Dulcie. They were confused as to why anyone would give them up. They were the best of friends and loved to run and play. If you saw one, the other was never far behind. They found a family that loved them from the first time that they saw them and would not even consider separating them.

Unfortunately, the creator had different ideas. He wanted Gus and Dulcie is now on her own for the first time. The stuffed toy that Gus has in his mouth in the picture had a noise maker that made a sound like a sick duck quacking. When his owners got home from the vet after Gus had passed, they squeezed the toy and the noise maker no longer worked.

He was a wonderful dog, so gentle and friendly that everyone who met him loved him. He had a way of leaning on you as you petted him until you were carrying most of his weight. Our! Maggie now has another friend to play with at the “Rainbow Bridge.”