GuinevereIn December of 2011, Dirks Fund was notified of a Newfoundland Mix that was found in the woods and would not move from the place she was lying. It appeared that she had given up. This girl was a mass of hair, grass and twigs.

We had her groomed and her coat came off in one piece. Her skin was in need of care because her matted hair did not allow her skin to breath. She weighed 122 lbs when she came to us. After a great deal of care from her foster mom, Gwinnie slimmed down to 85 lbs. Four months after Gwinnie came to us she was adopted by a family that “fell in love” with her. Gwinnie was taking pills for her thyroid and Cushings.

They had 2 dogs that Gwinnie loved hanging out with. She followed her new mom everywhere. She adopted the whole family-dogs, children and adults. She was finally “home” and my gosh did this family love this critter.

On May 3rd,Gwinnie was rushed to a veterinarian because she was screaming in pain. When they could not determine what was causing the pain or any way to stop her from crying out, her family decided that the best course for Gwinnie was to let her go. Her eyes say it all. She knew that she was loved and we will miss her.