GrannyOle Granny just passed away 09/30/11.

She was over 14 years of age.When we got her from the breeder, she could not hear because her chronic ear infections had destroyed her ear drums.  We had to shave her because she was never groomed and staph infections covered her skin.  She was heartworm positive.However, she never-never complained.  With Dirks Fund, she got groomed every week with a special shampoo.

She had her ears cleaned, went on car rides, and lived inside on “her” pillow.

She let us know when breakfast and dinner were and was a perfect guest.  She even started to play with our other dogs.

She loved her moma (caretaker).We would have loved to have had her when she was younger.However, we made up for it in the time that we had with her.

See ya’ gal !!