We were contacted about this little girl (9 months old) that was brought to a veterinarian. She was immediately put on IVs because she was so thin. She would not eat or drink. The veterinarian had her on IVs for 2 solid days. She passed some wood chips and dirt that she was eating because she was not given any food. She passed away this morning. This bothers us on so many levels. She probably never got a hug, a toy, a pet… She probably only knew someone yelling at her or ignoring her. How could you not provide for the care of something that will give you unconditional love? We could not let this little girl go without at least acknowledging her. Can you imagine starving a helpless critter to the point that they die? This has to be very painful and she did not even have a name. We are going to call her “Faith”. She is now playing with Maggie and Nick. We will meet and she will know that she, at least, ment something to us. ~ Dirks Fund.