Passing of a Friend

I am writing today to let you know Cujo has passed away.  He lived his sixteen years to the fullest.  He had his good days and bad for the last few Cujomonths, but he just could not hold himself up any more.  Just Friday he was out back “thinking about” playing fetch with Montana and myself, and yesterday he didn’t have the strength to get up. He survived the move to the new house (without getting lost) and had the perfect yard to play in.  We actually bought this house, because it would give Cujo full access to the house and yard without many steps.

I have to say, he is probably the only dog that had a “pick me up boy.”  Some people have seeing eye dogs…my son Jacob was Cujo’s “pick me up boy.”  Anytime he was unable to get his footing or just too tired to get up, he would bark and Jake scooped him up to his feet.

When we got him back I didn’t expect him to make it more than a few months.  Each day he did better and better, until he was back to the playful, loving dog we lost (just a lot older!)

I want to thank you for giving us the two years we had with him.  As much as the kids are heartbroken right now, they know each day with him was a blessing.

Keep doing what you do, you have no idea the effect it can have on a families life! 🙂

– Noreen, Cujo’s (Willy) mom