CliffWe went to pick up a golden at a mid-Missouri kill shelter and there was Cliff in the next crate. He was a sorry sight. He had mange and staff infections all over his body and was very, very thin. His time was up that day and we knew that no one would adopt him.

What the heck! We put this big, goofy looking Golden mixed with Great Dane in our van. It took a long time to get his skin back to normal. He was quite a character. He got along with every dog and animal. However, he was never “picked” for adoption because of his size.

One day a woman came looking for a “big dog” to play with her Newfoundland. She fell in love with Cliff. She brought her critter back to see if they liked each other and it was love at first sight. She came back that weekend to pick him up and everyone was crying because we knew our “big clown” was leaving.

We got a call 2 days later that he had died from bloat. He did not suffer and he did get to know he was “adoptable”. This was a marvelous creature.