ClairClaire came to Dirk’s Fund as an owner turn in. She had no shots and no care. We found out that she was heartworm positive and pregnant. We held off treating her for the heartworms and let her give birth to her puppies. She was the best mom ever to her puppies. She always had a smile on her face and a wag to her tail. This girl was very special to all that met her. She was adopted to a very special family that cared for her AND her puppies. The puppies were weaned from her and she still wanted to be near them. Her family came home and found that she had passed away on “her” couch. She had done her job and peacefully left us. Her puppies were very special to her as they are to us. We will be looking for a few marvelous homes for Claire’s kids. She knew that we would and that her job was done 🙂