Christmas ChrissyThe one that will always be my fav that has Mistletoe, Chance and Chrissy (Christmas) in it.

Chrissy was our only red girl.  Christmas was the last one left and if we didn’t take her they were going to destroy her!

She got her name two ways.  We had had Mistletoe for 4 years, so we wanted a name that went with hers, and it actually snowed on Christmas that year, even though Chrissy was born day after Thanksgiving.

She had a tough start.  She was stepped on HARD as a puppy and we had to leave her at the vet er – wasn’t sure she was gonna make it.

Missy and Chrissy were always quite a pair, Missy was the outgoing one, and Chrissy was quiet and shy. They made a matched set.

We actually got involved with Dirks fund because of Chrissy.  When Missy was getting older and not feeling so good, because Christmas had seperation anxiety we decided to get another dog for when it was time for Missy to go to the Rainbow Bridge.  We were blessed with our Chance man that we adopted on Fathers day 2005 for Christmas.  They were buddies ever since he came home.  We lost Mistletoe a year and a half later, and Christmas seemed lost with out her.  She did seem to perk up when it became her “job” to help train the puppies in manners for the ones we fostered.

Chrissy has had a tough past few months, the decision is never easy or guilt free.  But we had to make sure we were doing the best thing possible for our old gal.  She is now pain free, and waiting on the Rainbow Bridge with our Mistletoe, until we can be together again.