Chewie and Maggie
Chewy & Maggie – Best Friends

I’m Chewy’s mommy, and you were kind enough to speak to me when we received the news that he had an inoperable brain tumor. Thanks so much for taking the time – it really put our minds at ease, knowing that we had received good advice and that we were going down the right path.
Well, we lost our sweet boy back in November, and although it was devastating we still were happy that he lived about 6 months beyond where our vet thought he would make it. We think Chewy was around 7 when we lost him.
And then as we thought might be the case, we lost Chewy’s sister Maggie a few weeks later. You actually met Maggie when we adopted Chewy. Maggie was pretty senior at that point, and so suffice it to say that we were happy that she was able to make it to a glorious 14 years old.
We never thought she would outlive our sweet boy, but on the bright side it worked out well that they didn’t have to live without each other for very long.