In Memory of Chelsea – “Our Talker”

About 12 years ago, we received a call that a family wanted to turn in their 2 year old golden.  The critter, named Chelsea, was purchased for their 2 children.  The children did not play with her.  They would rather watch television.  As we left with her, the children did not even turn around from the television to say goodbye.  Chelsea jumped in our van and off we went.  She was a Chelseatalker.  She would tell you when it was dinner or breakfast time – and she would keep telling you until she was fed.

She loved swimming & car rides more than anything.  She would sit on the edge of the pool chewing on her tennis ball.  When children came close to her, she would sit down in front of them and “talk”.

She lived to be 14 and on her last day with us – she got to go swimming (thanks to Stephanie – we can not thank you enough) and got to go for a car ride.  She was ready to “talk” to our Maggie, Nick and Chase.

She was what you would call a “character”.  Who is going to “tell” us when it is time for food?