Chance was born 5 years ago in Arkansas and promptly put in the back yard on a chain. He Chancewas subsequently turned into a shelter and they contacted us about this little guy (45 lbs.). He was a very gentle soul. Even though he was brought up outside, he would always go to the door and ask to be let out to go potty. He was the ultimate Golden when it came to “his” tennis ball. He would even carry it to his food bowl, drop it in his food, eat and then carry it off to take a nap with his paw on the ball. We could not throw it because any exercise caused him to cough.

He had Grade 3 heartworms when we got him. There is no Grade 4. We had hoped that he would have a “real” family and, ultimately, to play fetch. Both of those seemed very important to him and, of course, to us. This was not to be. This gentle soul was called to his creator because only he could fix him. We let him go with “his” tennis ball.