Boris was picked up on Sunday from an animal shelter and brought directly to St. Louis. He got out of the car and urinated. His urine was blood red. Immediately, he was carried into the Pacific Animal Hospital where we were having an Adoption Event.

His prostate had a wicked infection. His gums were white and tacky. He had a 104.5 fever. He had heartworms in his urine and in his stool. His tail wagged as you walked by him but he was too weak to lift his head. He is only around 2 years old.

His case was posted on the Golden Retriever Forum. People were posting messages for him on it. Amber from the Pacific Animal Hospital could not leave him and so she stayed with him and was reading him the 70+ messages for him. This gentle, little guy passed away in Amber’s arms only 4 hours later. He left knowing that a whole bunch of people loved him. This seemed to matter a lot to this little guy. Thank you Amber !!