BerniceIt is with a heavy heart we want to let you know that we have lost yet another friend.

Bernice was a Bernese Mountain Dog that an entire neighborhood fell in love with.  When she was being walked around the her neighborhood, other dogs and children came out just to visit with her.  She defined the term “mosey” and “swagger”.  She had the largest feet.  She was never in a hurry to get anywhere.  She enjoyed the journey more than any other dog we have met.
She always had a smile for anyone and anything.  We would visit her in her yard with our dogs and she was always a gracious host.She loved going for car rides and laying on her house beds.
She was around 6 years old when she passed from kidney failure.  She will be missed by anyone that met her.  She was a “leaner” and a “smiler”.
Bernice will be playing with Justin at the Rainbow Bridge until we get to see them again.