AutumnBack in October 2011, Dirks Fund was contacted about 2 golden retrievers in Kentucky that were in a kill shelter. We agreed to take them and we named them Brooke and Autumn. They were a handful. They were both able to climb our 6 foot fences and so we had to top off their runs. We took them to Mizzou because we could never get any weight on them, even though we were feeding them 6 cups/day. Brooke is now in a foster home where she has been able to gain weight.

Autumn stayed at the shelter and never gained any weight. We determined that both of her kidneys were failing. Mary, our shelter supervisor, saw something special in this beautiful girl and took a “Special Interest”. Mary took Autumn for walks and car rides almost daily. Autumn returned her love with “hugs”. Another of our volunteers, Pam, took Autumn to her home with her and she was the perfect dog. She was very good around the cats and all of Pam’s dogs. She would lie at Pam’s feet under her desk while she worked. Unfortunately, Autumn continued to fail. We decided that Autumn was not going to suffer and she left us on Wednesday 05/02/12. Shewas only 2 years old.

As she left for the Rainbow Bridge, she was giving Pam, her momma, kisses on her arm. She was saying “thanks for all of the memories”.