Amos (Before & After)


It is with heavy hearts that our family had to say goodbye to our “Famous Amos”. Two days ago our sweet boy seemed very quiet and did not eat or play with his buddies. Yesterday Amos was back to his good old self and was eating and playing. He was enjoying the snow like he does every year.
This morning Amos was very lethargic, didn’t want to eat and he also denied water. I took him to the vet and our vet sent us onto another office so Amos could have his tummy x-rayed. The findings were heartbreaking. Amos had a very fast growing cancer that was causing internal bleeding. I took Amos to a third hospital to see if surgery was an option and I was sadly informed that the aggressiveness of the cancer had quickly taken its toll and Amos would not be able to recover.
I know that all pet lovers out there know that our pets are our family, and it hurts so deeply to lose such an important part of our family. I will be forever grateful for the happiness that Amos brought into my life. Without a doubt he was the most gentle soul to walk on this earth. He will live in my heart forever.

(Dirk’s Fund was given a car donation and those funds were used to fix his eyes.)

Dirks Fund