Special Rescues


“We adopted Monte in 2011. He lived with his human family and his buddy, Smiles.

About 6 months after we had him, he lost his eye sight. He quickly learned his way around the house. Since he had major separation anxiety, he would wander the house looking for someone to lay with. No matter where he found someone (favorite place- right in front of the refrigerator door), he would plop down.

Because of his blindness, he was a major creature of habit and did not like it if we messed with his routine.. including how far he would go on a walk.. when he had enough.. he would plop down- right in the middle of the street.

He graced us with his quiet charms until November 16, 2013. We miss him. ”

(Monte was found walking down main street in Pacific in 2009.  He had no tags and no chip.  We eventually found his owner who was in a wheelchair and could not care for Monte.  Monte was blind so we did surgery on him and got back his sight in both eyes.  This lasted for about 2 years and then he went blind again.  He made the news and was eventually placed with a lovely family that had another dog to keep him company.)

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