Schnucks eScrip Card


Here is how the eScrip card works. Every time you use your eScrip card, Schnucks will contribute up to 3% of the purchase amount to Dirk’s Fund. You can activate an eScrip card and get started supporting Dirk’s Fund one of two different ways.

Option 1

1. Click here ( to request an eScrip card from our Fundraising Coordinator. 2. Once you receive your card, go to to activate your card.

Option 2

1. Go to your local Schnucks Market and pick up an eScrip card at the Customer Service Counter. 2. Log on to and activate your card. If you already have an eScrip card and would like to add Dirk’s Fund to your account, simply go to You can support up to three different organizations with your eScrip Card. 1. Sign on to your account 2. Click on Change My Group Selection 3. Add: a. Dirks Fund b. Zip Code – 63122 c. Group ID 500016411 Finally, check out all the other ways you can support Dirk’s Fund on the eScrip website; eScrip Dining, Volvo eScrip Program, eScrip On-Line Mall and many more. Thank you from all of your friends at Dirk’s Fund!

Dirks Fund