photos.petfinder.comRemi’s owners contacted us because she was “leaking” and they could not afford the surgery to fix her problem.   She was brought to Dirks Fund from Arkansas.  We decided to do surgery to find out what was wrong and see if we could repair her “plumbing”.   

We found a mess.  One kidney was totally dead and the other was operating at less than 50%.  Without her kidneys functioning, she does not have a good prognosis.   She is only 2 years old.

She is the happiest girl that you have ever met.  She loves people, dogs, children…  It is a sad situation We have decided that she deserved to be in the company of people she loves until it is time for her to leave us.

She is going to a foster home that has a large fenced-in yard and dogs for her to interact with.  She will be bringing her swimming pool from the shelter.   This is her hospice and we believe that she will be very happy here until she leaves us.
We will post new pictures of her in her new home.

Dirks Fund