In Honor of Our Big, Strong Boy

UPDATE! This is a video taken of Rooster in March 2008.

Rooster in March 2007

This gorgeous old man (named Rooster) was part of a drug bust and was confiscated. We were asked to take him. Heartworms come in grade 1-2-3. He is a 4. He is less than 60 lbs and we are committed to this old man. We are going to fatten him up for a week and then we will slowly – very slowly treat him for his heartworms. His teeth are terrible and we should clean them but the heartworms are our main concern. Please wish him luck. He is one gentle creature. He will need one heck of a great home during his treatment. Total crate rest – except for leash walks. If you would like to help for Rooster’s treatment, please click the make a donation button above. This is going to a be a tough save, won’t you help us?