Monte can now see J.P. out of both eyes

Update!! Monte and JP Reunion (Story | Video)

Monte is back with his owner and seeing well.  He is now motivating JP to get better so that they can go walking.  Dirk’s Fund would like to thank Midwest Veterinary Referral Center and Dr’s Cecil Moore and Juri Ota-Kuroki, ophthalmologists at MVRC, for their care and expertise in restoring Monte’s vision.  Although, funds were raised for Monte’s surgery, MVRC and its doctors provided all of the pre-operative evaluations, the cataract surgery, and the post-op care at no cost.   This will hopefully allow those funds raised for Monte to cover any of his additional medical needs.

Last week a business owner in Pacific saw an older Golden Retriever get hit by aMonty car on a major road. Thankfully, he was not badly hurt but the man soon realized that the dog was blind. The critter had no tags, no collar and appeared to be disorientated. He called Dirks Fund-Golden Retriever Rescue and they took the critter to have him physically checked out.

About 5 days later, Dirks Fund was contacted because a young man who was paralyzed from the waist down had lost his 10 year old blind Golden Retriever. Apparently, he was going to physical therapy and Monte, The Blind Dog, had opened the door. Monte is smart enough to open doors if they are not locked. The family left the door open when they went to physical therapy but Monte never came back.

  • Monte and JP’s Reunion ( (Video)
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This paralyzed young man had Monte since it was a puppy. Monte has been his constant companion since the car accident that left him paralyzed. The family did not have the funds necessary to care for Monte. Dirks Fund got Monte up


to date on shots and got him a collar with two tags (one says “Blind” on it). They gave him a 30’ leash and paid to have him groomed.

Dirks Fund had Monte’s thyroid checked and provided the medication to control the thyroid problem. Monte also needs to have his eyes looked at to determine if any type of surgery could give these two a little more quality to their lives. He may have cataracts.

Monte needs his owner and his owner definitely needs the companionship of Monte. We are glad to be part of the reunion and will continue to provide the grooming and veterinary care for Monte as long as the family and Monte need us.

Dirks Fund