MonroePlease take a moment and read this wonderful story that Monroe’s mother shared with us.

I just had to write and update you on Monroe. We adopted her in March 2010, and she has become an integral part of our family. She has been on multiple family vacations and camping trips. She has also became best buddies with our old crabby cat. However, she even surprised us last night, which prompted me to give you an update on her “amazingness”. Our home was hit by a tornado last night around 4:30 AM. Monroe came to my husband’s side of the bed and started to whine, which she never does. She has only gotten up once in the middle of the night to go outside since we’ve had her. But, he got up and took her out. She stood their and looked at him for a little bit, went to the bathroom, and then they came back in. Within 30 seconds, the enormous wind started, and trees started to fly. He woke me up, and we grabbed the kids, along with Monore and ran downstairs. About a minute later, a tree came through the ceiling in our kitchen. After it ended, we ended up with 4 trees on the house and a horendous mess, but everyone was ok. I’m sure we would have all woken up soon, but it sure was amazing how she just “knew”. She is a terrific dog that our family cherishes and loves. Thanks for taking such good care of her until we brought her to her forever home.

Ellen Middendorf

Dirks Fund