Hero 1Hero and his Black Lab friend had been together in an Industrial Complex for 3 or 4 years. People who worked in the complex would put food out on plastic plates for them. One day they noticed that the plates were gone and that they had not seen the Black Lab. They followed Hero one day to where these two slept under a bridge and there was the Black Lab. He was dead and around him were plastic plates with food still on them.

We took Hero relunctantly away. He had every parasite we knew of. He had teeth that were extracted when he was neutered. He was heartworm positive and had a 7 lb tumor that we had to remove. He only weighed 72 lbs. We can not tell how old he is because his face is so scared.

Hero 2After all of this he is still alive and living life large with 2 other Goldens. He apparently has decided that this house stuff is too good to leave and he has decided to stick around for awhile. This guy is pretty special !!

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