Golden puppies 1April of 2003, we got a call that someone could not sell their Golden puppies and so they stopped caring for and feeding them – too expensive? They were brought to us. Golden puppies 2Our veterinarian said that they would probably not have lasted another 24-48 hours because they were so dehydrated. We put them on IVs and slowly brought them back to health. When we dewormed them, we noticed that the only thing that they had been finding to eat was birdseed that feel from a feeder near the car they were under.
Golden puppies 3We recently received a Holiday picture of two of them (Penny & Buddy). What could have been such a waste has turned out to be a marvelous Holiday story. Thanks Patti, our supporters and all of the adoptive families. We will post pictures of the others if we get them. Somebody was watching over these little guys!

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