Golden Girls

These 5 females typifies what Dirk’s Fund Golden Retriever Rescue is about.  These babies (all under 11 months) were offered for sale to breeders.  When we went to pick them up,  they were in chicken wire enclosures and were covered in feces.  We picked them up on the day when it was over 95+ and they were not inside or under cover.

Tears came to our volunteers eyes as they drove in and saw where these critters were being kept.  We took these 5 and are going back to get the two that we did not have room for.  We also picked up a puppy named Montana that had been thrown from a car.

They have been given baths.  They have all of their shots and are now spayed.  They are being socialized.

This is what we do.  Why each of us do it – is for them to answer.  If you want to help us, you can volunteer or donate to keep our work going.  We are successful because of donators like you! Thank you for being THEIR friend!

Dirks Fund