• Bianca’s puppies
    She had 13. 2 were dead before they were born. 3 have died since being born. There are currently 8 still being cared for at the […]
  • Auction Dogs Saved!!
    Bianca came to us from the auction with 13 puppies inside of her. 4 were dead and 3 have died since being born. Currently, there are […]
  • Rooster’s Story
    ROOSTER’S STORY Dirks Fund was contacted by the police after a drug bust about a Golden that had been left in a crack house. He was […]
  • Teddi
    Hi!  My name is Teddi.  I’m a ten month old, healthy British Golden Retriever who is full of life but also very well behaved.   I have […]
  • The Golden Post
    Our news letter features upcoming events, topic of the month, Shelter Dog of the month, Former Dirks Dogs – “Where they are now”, Social Media links, […]
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