Auction Dogs Saved!!

Rooster’s Story
May 25, 2017
Bianca’s puppies
May 25, 2017

Auction Dogs Saved!!

Bianca-and-JaggerBianca came to us from the auction with 13 puppies inside of her. 4 were dead and 3 have died since being born. Currently, there are 6 still being cared for at the hospital. Bianca had a terrible infection but is doing great now that she has Jagger to keep her company at the shelter.

We saved as many of the auction dogs as we could with the funds that we were given. These critters are going to cost us (assuming nothing extraordinary) about $ 12,000.00 to vet. Bianca has cost us $ 4,000 between the caesarian section to get the live puppies and rid her of the infection. She probably would have been dead in two days without it.

Jagger is a 5 year old male and Bianca’s companion. The first time that these two got to play in grass was a treat to watch.

Vivian and Nora are 2 females that are very social. They are very friendly.
All of these critters need to be spayed/neutered, get shots for DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella and CIV. The adults need to be tested for heartworms and tick borne diseases. All need flea/tick preventative and heartworm preventative. They were all full or worms and needed to be dewormed (more than once). They were tested/treated for bacterial infections. Some of the adults had hot spots that we have treated. The adults had ear infections that we are treating and everyone needed to be groomed. Some of them needed more than one bath. Some of them had to be shaved because they were so badly matted. Most of these did not know what a bath was. They are being cuddled and handled for the first time and they are responding to it. The smile on Jagger is the first one that we have seen on him.


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