What is Dirks Fund About ?

We are not about a paycheck or pension plan. We do not have them. After we take in a dog, we do not put them to sleep just because they need medical help (heartworms, tick disease and growths). We are about the critters. There are countless stories our volunteers can share about their favorite Dirks Dog. We all have a number one passion to find the right “forever” home for our special critters. We pour our hearts and soul into their care. Here is a list of what we do upon first rescuing a Dirks dog:

1. Canine Influenza Virus & Booster Shot
2. Bordetella For Canine Cough
3. Fecal Examination
4. Giardia Test
5. AVID Chip
6. Nexgard for Fleas / Ticks
7. Interceptor for Heartworm Preventative
8. Drontal Plus for Worms
9. Rabies
10. DA2PPL
11. Physical – Ears Heart Lumps & Bumps
12. 17 Panel Bloodwork
13. 4DX Heartworm /Erlichia/Lymes Test
14. CBC
15. Spay / Neuter with Laser
16. Thyroid Panel
17. SDMA with 4DX

There are those times when our Dirks dogs require additional care and we make sure that they have all they need for:

1. Erlichia Positive – treated with Doxycycline
2. Heartworm Positive – treated with Immiticide
3. Tick/Vector Real PCR w/o HW
4. Dental Cleaning & Polishing
5. EKG
6. Parvo

Once they have been vetted, they have 5 large play areas with soccer balls, a swimming pool for exercise and a pavilion. They get professionally groomed and have 150 square foot covered runs cooled with a fan and a comfy bed. When inside, they have an air-conditioned or heated room, with a ceiling fan, beds, radios and television. We have a “dog wash” area for grooming them. Our volunteers love spending quality time with each Dirks dog to socialize them and get to know them. This is so essential for finding them their perfect home!