TinaTina came to Dirks Fund as “Tinky” with her pack mate Sandy when their family lost their home.  We had just lost our Black Lab and were looking for a friend for our other Dirks dog “Omar”.  I called Bob and he said he just got in a Black Lab mix and I could foster her and see how it worked out.  I met “Tinky” and she was a “Big” girl who was a Doberman/Lab mix and the sweetest soul ever.

Fostering lasted two days and Tina became the new member of the “Murphy” pack and the true leader with eventully three males obeying all her sideways glances to stay in line.  She was never pushy except with her putting her paw on your lap, was a chow hound who even ate lettuce and loved everyone.

In January she was diagnosed with Cancer  in her foot and we removed half of her paw with the prognosis looking good.  In April another big tumor appeared on the same leg but at the knee area.  After much discussion and thought with the vet I decided it was too aggressive of a cancer to remove her leg and start chemo at the age of eleven.

The last two months of Tina’s life was filled with special treats, playing with extra toys when she could get them away from Omar and sun filled walks.  She went back to St. Louis the week of the 7th of May to see the rest of her pack for the last time.  She did well, had a good time, but when we returned to Chicago her leg became four times its size and I made an appointment for her journey to the Rainbow Bridge for Saturday.  It was her time but she will be missed.
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