SkipperSkipper was born on July 29th 2001. One day while he was playing in his own yard, a neighbor tied him out and ran over his tail with a lawn mower. For Skipper’s protection, he was taken into our rescue.

Skipper did not last long in rescue. He was adopted in May of 2002. He was given his own fenced in yard and his own mom and dad. The best part was that he was also given a little girl to call his very own. She renamed him Clifford. He loved water and playing with his toys. His life was now full with a new owner who loved and protected him. But most of all, he had a little girl who was his best friend.

In June of 2003, he was diagnosed with acute leukemia and died within 4 days. Hardly enough time to say goodbye. He did not even make it to his 2nd birthday. He knew nothing but kindness and care as his creator claimed him. He must have wanted him real bad to take him so early.

Dirks Fund
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