Hello Bob and Friends at Dirks Fund,
Yesterday I had to put down my best friend, Saige, age 15 years.  I adopted Saige through Dirks Fund eight years ago. This gentle giant stole my heart the first time I laid eyes on him.  He truly was a gentle giant.
Saige started failing in health, from old age, over the past few months.  He was 95% blind and very hard of hearing over the past three years.  Although he had his struggles, he also was my Labradoodle’s best friend and playmate.
For being such a quiet dog, our house last night and this morning were deafening quiet.  Saige, the old wise dog, will be forever missed.
I thank all of you at Dirk’s Fund for all you do and for providing me with such a wonderful dog and friend.
He had his own bed but that day he wanted to be a couch potato. What a beautiful boy!!
This picture is of Saige on his adoption day 8 years ago.
Dirks Fund
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