(11/04/08 – 10/04/09)

MauiMany of you have been following Maui (Remember Me-?). He was a beautiful boy that had a very bad heart murmur. He was from a puppy mill breeder. We took him to the University of Missouri to see a specialist and they told us to not expect him to see his 2nd birthday. Unfortunately, they were right. He did not even see his 1st birthday. A great lady adopted Maui knowing his condition. She is a nurse and was very familiar with his condition in humans.

We received this email from her -> “I adopted Maui from Dirk’s a few months ago. Unfortunately, he passed away yesterday on 10/4/09, his 11 month old birthday. He passed peacefully and joyfully jumping and running around in the yard with his friend Buddy, another golden retriever. He was doing what he loved – playing and running around with his friends.” As she watched him play, he laid down, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

She is going to make a memory book of the little time that she did get to have with him.

We, at Dirks Fund, share her pain. We are very grateful that someone like her came along to care for this little guy. He deserved much better than to die a “puppy mill” dog. He passed away knowing that he was “the love of someone’s life” and they will meet again.

Maui’s Original story – About three months ago, we got a call that a “driver” had 5 Golden Puppies that did not sell and he had to “dump” them before he returned.  We meet him in the Joplin area and there were only 2 left.  One of them was Maui.  They were born around November 2008.  Both of them developed Upper Respiratory Infections.  Maui’s was very severe and he was touch and go for awhile.  Maui has since been diagnosed with a Grade 5 Heart Murmur.  He will not see his second birthday unless we can “fix” him.  We are taking him to the University of Mizzou to see if and how we can make him better.  He is the sweetest puppy and LOVES to cuddle.  He has no stamina but he always finds a way to climb into your lap and go to sleep.  Maui is another reason to stay clear of Puppy Mills.

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